Tyler Bryner: 208-407-4562

Katy McMullen: 208-514-6810

Tyler Bryner: 208-407-4562
Katy McMullen: 208-514-6810


Here at Elite Extrication we work with a wide range of companies.

Our main supplies are

  • TNT Rescue

    They provide our main extrication tools from Battery to Hydraulic. TNT has a lifetime warranty and blows competitors out of the water when it comes to cut force and speed. If serviced annual as recommended Elite will provide a loaner tool if you should ever need to send a tool in for a warranty issue. They are “American Made and Family Owned”  http://tntrescue.com/

  • Powerhawk

    From Auto cribs to Power Pushing Rams they have it all. www.powerhawk.com

  • Res-Q-Jack

    Our number one in stabilization kits and helps us provide many ways to make our jobs safer. Not only do they have tools to stabilize but they have kits to help lift and stabilize to give us a safe way to maneuver in a tight space. http://www.res-q-jack.com/

  • Firehooks Unlimited

    Firehooks Unlimited is well known for their 30" Pro Halligan Bar used by the biggest departments in the world. Take a look at their page and see all the amazing tools they have to offer and how we can help put those tools in your department.  www.firehooksunlimited.net

  • Mat Jack

    MatJack has specialized in extrication air bags since 1981. From Air Lifting cushions, Safe lift cushions to Cribbing they have it all. Light Weight, Medium and Heavy duty. Whether you are looking for individual bags or a kit they have them all. www.matjack.com

  • Beluga Windshield Cutter

    Beluga windshield cutters are the way to go when cutting through that pesky laminated front windshield. Minimal blades near patient and easily attaches to you regular drill making them cost effective.  https://www.firehouse-systems.com/beluga 

  • Tractel Griphoist

    Portable manual hoists made up of traversing wire rope. Ideal for lifting, pulling and moving loads across large distances. https://www.tractel.com/us/series.php?id_serie=47