Tyler Bryner: 208-407-4562

Katy McMullen: 208-514-6810

Tyler Bryner: 208-407-4562
Katy McMullen: 208-514-6810

About Us

How we got started and how we impact the community

Tyler Bryner started out as a fireman 20 years ago and is still going strong. Since his start he has grown and advanced. Not only is he still a career fireman but he also distributes the best quality and warranty tools on the market, Services said tools and is a certified instructor for beginning and advanced extrication.

Our goal was always to help educate people on safety and help fellow fireman to further their education in extrication to help our community. About 10 years ago TNT approached him to be a distributor for them and we have grown since to working with many different companies to provide the best options for safe and effective extrication. What started out as a passion for the job has grown to affecting the lives of those around him to do the same.

Elite Extrication is the only authorized TNT tool dealer in the State of Idaho, Utah, Washington and Oregon! Elite Extrication and Equipment is located in Nampa,ID.

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